StreamPlus Subscription

Plan Basic Enhanced Monthly Enhanced Yearly Premium
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Period Yearly Monthly Yearly Yearly
Trial Length (Months) - 3*  3*  -
Locations 2 5 5 5
Smart Alerts™ Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Extended Leak Alert History Last 3 Alerts Last 20 Alerts Last 20 Alerts Last 20 Alerts
Developer API   Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Insurance Deductible**       Checkmark
Extended Warranty***       Checkmark
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*Add additional 3 months on sign-up      **Up to $2,500     ***Extended Warranty - Monitor/Control  


What Can StreamPlus Do For You?

Real-time leak prevention. 24/7 peace of mind. StreamLabs® helps you detect household leaks and stops them in their tracks, before they can cause expensive water damage to your home. By adding a StreamPlus™ Subscription, you gain access to additional data and a host of other features to increase your peace of mind.

  • More detailed historical usage data, including longer look-back periods to help you prevent abnormally high water usage
  • Insurance deductible coverage
  • Monitor and Control more than two locations within one StreamLabs® account
  • Extended 5 year Warranty
  • API Access
  • Additional StreamLabs® features available before the general public

Integrate Further With Our Monitors Using the StreamLabs® API

  • Seamlessly integrate StreamLabs® unique water monitoring system with your existing systems.
  • Retrieve data in numerical format outside of the StreamLabs® App for your own particular use cases or comparisons.
  • Develop integrations into their own Smart Home system to put StreamLabs® in Home and Away mode.