Leak Protection - at Your Fingertips.

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Smart Home Water Monitor

Real-time Leak Prevention. 24/7 Peace of Mind.

See how a smart water monitor can help you detect and protect your home against future water damage by tracking water consumption and providing real-time alerts to possible leaks. We’ll monitor your water use and identify leaks, anywhere in your home.

  • Easy, 5-minute DIY Install
  • Real-time water usage alerts
  • No tools or pipe cutting required
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Monitor attached to a copper pipe
5 Stars

"Great product! I installed in less than 5 minutes and just today again it saved us a headache – a toilet was running and I got an alert and was able to prevent even more water waste! Great peace of mind that this is not a product you have to pay a plumber to install."

- Sharat Nagaraj

Relax, We have you covered

Leak protection made easy for your entire home.

The average homeowner spends up to $4,100 to repair water damage.

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Streamlabs Detects
Everyday Usage
Leaky Pipe
Appliance Failures
Freezing Conditions
Running Toilet
StreamLabs Control

New StreamLabs Control

Catch and Control Water Issues. Anytime, Anywhere.

The StreamLabs® Control features patented ultrasonic technology for real-time water monitoring, smart leak detection, and automatic shut-off to stop leaks in their tracks.

  • Remote shut-off feature
  • Inline water pressure, humidity, & temperature sensors
  • Automatic monthly valve checks to ensure proper operation

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