Leak protection at your fingertips.

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Remote water shut-off from your phone.

StreamLabs Control

The StreamLabs® Control features patented ultrasonic technology for real-time water monitoring, smart leak detection, and automatic water shut-off to stop leaks in their tracks.

  • Remote water shut-off.
  • Inline water pressure, humidity, & temperature sensors.
  • Automatic monthly valve checks to ensure proper operation.
  • Free app available on IOS & Android.
StreamLabs Remote Shut-Off Control Valve

5 Stars

"I have so many issues with water in recent months in a rental, a leak went unnoticed and destroyed stored items, plus the bills are 5 times more than budgeted for. The way I see it is one disaster and this monitor more than pays for itself. I think it is a great tool for landlords. After much research I think this one of the best choices because it monitors the whole house not just one appliance, there's no hub or services to purchase, and its auto shut is very important to me since I am not always available to tend to it if there is a problem."

- Mark P.

Relax, We have you covered

Leak protection made easy for your entire home.

The average homeowner spends up to $4,100 to repair water damage.

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Streamlabs Detects
Everyday Usage
Leaky Pipe
Appliance Failures
Freezing Conditions
Running Toilet
StreamLabs Monitor on copper pipe | StreamLabs

Real-time Leak Prevention, 24/7.

StreamLabs Monitor

See how the StreamLabs smart water Monitor can help you detect and protect your home against future water damage by tracking water consumption and providing real-time alerts to possible leaks. Monitor water usage and leaks, straight from your phone.

  • Easy, 5-minute Install
  • Real-time water usage alerts
  • No tools or pipe cutting required
  • Free app available on IOS & Android.
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