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Smart Home Water Monitor

Catch leaks early and prevent water damage with StreamLabs’ water leak detector. With easy installation – no pipe cutting required – the Water Monitor connects to the home’s existing pipes and uses patented ultrasonic technology to find leaks. Enjoy peace of mind at home or away with the connected app alarms that notify you when the water sensor detects high flow rate. 


StreamLabs water leak detector catches appliance and pipe leaks.

StreamLabs® Water Monitor

Unseen leaks can become big problems. Our water leak sensor brings them to light.

Now, leak protection is easier than ever. The StreamLabs® smart water monitor keeps an eye on what’s happening with the plumbing behind your walls, and water leak alerts within the app notify you in real-time when water problems arise – before they turn into disasters.

  • 24/7 real time whole-house monitoring.
  • Water leak alerts from the app.
  • Home & Away leak detection modes.
  • Ambient temperature sensor with freeze alerts.
  • 2 year, full product warranty.
  • 3 months free StreamPlus® Enhanced
Smart water meter measures water flow and reports back to you.

Advanced Ultrasonic Technology

Monitor. Detect. Alert.

Water leak sensor uses sound waves to detect problems.

  • Real-Time Insights
    Receive instant notification for abnormal water use - along with comparative and historical water usage data.
  • Enhanced Water Leak Detector
    Smart water alerts automatically detect your unique, water usage patterns – all without you having to configure a thing.
  • Custom Smart Alerts
    Customize water sensor alarms and adjust sensitivity with home or away modes for manual control.
  • Complete Your Smart Home
    Water Monitor integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

StreamLabs Water Monitor

Technical Specifications

App Compatibility: iOS 11 or later, compatible with iPhone or iPad, Android 6 or later, phone or tablet
Accuracy: 0.25 gpm low-flow detection*
Compatible Pipe Sizes: 3/4 in. CTS, 1 in. CTS
Compatible Pipe Type: Copper Schedule M & L, PEX, CPVC
Universal Power Supply Input: 100-240VAC Output: 5.9V @ 0.6A UL Listed (included)
Power Supply Length: 10 ft. (additional extension cables available for purchase, 25 & 50 ft.)
Water Temperature: min. 40°F (4.4°C) / max. 80°F (26.6°C)
Operating Pressure: max. 232 psi (16 bar) Limited by Pipe
Ambient Temperature: min. 32°F (0°C) / max. 115°F (46.1°C)
Operating Environment: Indoor use only
Network: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz

* Accuracy may depend on pipe age, type, and setup. 0.5 gpm for Copper type L.

StreamLabs water monitor installation steps.

Install the Water Monitor.

DIY install in 5 Minutes. No pipe cutting. No tools.

  • Download app, connect monitor & sync.
    Available on iOS and Android.
  • Install monitor.
    Requires no pipe cutting. Just zip to pipe and plug-in. It detects pipe type and size automatically. Must be installed inside the home or in a crawlspace, garage, shed or weatherproof NEMA enclosure away from UV exposure.
  • Use app to adjust & set alerts.
    Safe and secure 24/7
Wogsll34 .
4 years 8 months ago
Easy installation!
We were given the stream labs water monitor for free in exchange of a honest review.
The Streamlabs Home Water Monitoring and Leak Detection System is a sleek product that runs inline on your main waterline allowing you to monitor water consumption at your house and also detect any potential leaks that might occur.

You dont need any tools or plumbing skills whatsoever to install! We are NOT handy at all and it was easy. It clips onto the outside of your pipes using included zip ties. It took less than 3 minutes!

Once the app is set up, it asks you to calibrate the monitor. I had a reading from the monitor almost as soon as I connected it to the app and tapped calibrate. The monitor detects the type of pipes you have, and gives you instructions to turn off the water, it will calibrate, and then asks you to go and flush a toilet or turn on a faucet. The monitor has two LED lights on it, one blue one for wifi connection and one green one showing waterflow monitoring. That's it. No other lights or sounds are emitted from the unit.

The app has a nice user which is both asthetically appealing and easy to use.

The home screen lets you know how many gallons of water you've used today, whether there is water running or not and the ability to switch between home and away modes, and also an alert status. IF you click on your daily usage, you then see a live 'gallons per minute' reading, the temperature of the room, and then an hourly monitor with little blue dots whenever you've had water running. Below that are comparative graphs for today, yesterday, last week, and last month.

You can also connect your Streamlabs monitor to Alexa, to then enable the home and away features of the system.In 'home' mode, the system monitors water usage as you would expect. In away mode, it will alert you if a toilet is flushed for example, when it wouldn't flush ordinarily, if you were away. Those notifications will be incredibly useful, especially if you are away, and you don't expect a toilet to be flushing.

This is a great little monitor that allows you to track your water usage, so you can compare it to your latest water bill, but more importantly, you can be notified of potential leaks in your water system that could save you thousands of dollars in repair bills, when you are able to catch that leak before it gets too costly.

I would recommend this product simply for the ease of install, user friendly interface, and the peace of mind it provides!
Bobby .
4 years 8 months ago
Awesome Device
Installed in less than 15 minutes...very easy. I travel a lot so having Streamlabs monitor my water while gone is a money saver. Anything unusual happens, and a notification comes up on my cell phone. Well worth the $$$$$
Great job......Streamlabs !!!!!!!
Ryan D .
4 years 9 months ago
Quick install, easy to use interface!
When I bought my home last year and left for a weekend, I came home to a huge mess after discovering that my upstairs toilet was running and had leaked enough water to cause my downstairs ceiling to fall out, buckle my hardwoods, and cost me thousands of dollars. No longer do I worry about these issues, because I can monitor water usage in my home when I'm gone. I love this little device!
Mike43 .
4 years 9 months ago
Easy to install!
The Streamlabs Water Monitor was easy to install with any basic plumbing knowledge. Links up easily to phone and simple to monitor. I'm torn between wanting there to be a problem so I can see how well it would work, and just being pleased knowing something is out there keeping an eye out for problems when I can't be there myself.
JC .
4 years 9 months ago
Works great
Works 100% easy to install:)