Why Should I Care About My Water? The Importance of Leak Detection

Types of Water Leaks
There are usually two types of water leaks in your home – visible and hidden leaks. The prior is easy to understand. These are leaks you can see, like that dripping faucet or the water damage stain you see on your ceiling. But hidden leaks are not so easily detectable, and can potentially have more dire consequences in the long run. These leaks are hidden behind your walls, causing mold to grow and putting more than just your home at risk – but your family’s health as well. 

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How Does Water Damage Affect Home Value?

Water damage is no joke. It’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare. And we’re not just talking about major flooding with water up to your knees. We’re talking about water damage from ANY type of leak in your home.
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How Much Water Are Your Appliances Really Using?

The average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water every day. Check-out some of your appliances, like your shower and dishwasher, with the greatest water usage and some simple ways to reduce water consumption in your home.
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