How Smart Water Technology Improves Customer Service

When thinking of smart home solutions, your first thought may go to Google Home or Amazon’s Echo Dot, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. From lights to security cameras to refrigerators, more elements inside the home are being upgraded with technology to make life more efficient and fuss-free. 

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How the Internet of Water Impacts Your Home

Enabling intelligent water with smart home devices that protect homes from leaks and give peace of mind.
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Why Should I Care About My Water? The Importance of Leak Detection

You already spend so much of your time, money, and effort to keep your home in tip-top shape. But you could be forgetting a key part of home care: water leak detection. While it can be easy to let leaks go by the wayside when seemingly more important issues pop up, trust us when we say you’ll regret it. 

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How Does Water Damage Affect Home Value?

We can practically hear what you’re thinking: “How bad could a leak really be? Surely you’re being overly dramatic.”

Are we being melodramatic? Afraid not. We’ve just been around the block once or twice and understand water damage from leaks - both big and small - can have long-lasting impacts on your home’s value – and even your health. Water damage also affects the appraisal value of your home, so if you’re thinking about getting the equity you’ve earned on your property, listen up!

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How Much Water Are Your Appliances Really Using?

The average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water every day. Check-out some of your appliances, like your shower and dishwasher, with the greatest water usage and some simple ways to reduce water consumption in your home.

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