Meet StreamLabs® Smart Water Technology


Discover how we developed remote water flow monitoring and evolved from smart leak detectors to automatic shut off valves.

The Internet of Water

Everything is connected these days — with devices that collect data and displays that make data easy to interpret. Why is water so behind? That was the idea that started StreamLabs® — creating an Internet of Water™ device that connects smart home technology with plumbing systems. For the past decade, IoT has been growing and more products have been added to the IoT landscape. Why are water products so behind?

By now, you've probably heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) as a way to describe our many connected devices, the automated actions they can take and the data they share. Every day, homes get smarter and new sensors add data layers to the IoT landscape. However, the plumbing in our homes has long remained mute. It was difficult to know what was going on behind the wall until it was too late. 

StreamLabs set out to revolutionize the plumbing industry by creating smart water technology that would help us better understand how we use water. Through remote water flow monitoring, our engineers created communication between a device at the main water supply line and a water monitoring app. We created an Internet of Water™ device that would not only help us rethink how we use and conserve water but also identify and stop leaks to prevent water damage. 

And the StreamLabs® Monitor was born.

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Remote Water Flow Monitoring

Reviewing water usage on utility bills is never an easy process. It is difficult to get real-time numbers and we knew there was a better way. So, we created the StreamLabs Monitor — a smart water device that is easy to use and non-invasive (no pipe cutting). Our state-of-the-art, ultrasonic, smart water technology deploys sound waves to measure water flow inside pipes. All of this data is recorded and sent to our free StreamLabs water monitoring app. And just like that, the mystery of the plumbing behind your walls washes away. Now you can receive alerts when water problems arise before they turn into disasters.

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The Next Step? Smart Leak Detectors

We didn’t stop with the StreamLabs Monitor. We realized a crucial benefit of remote water flow monitoring was being able to stop that flow if there was an issue while you were away. So, we created an in-line device that still leverages ultrasonic technology so it will not obstruct normal flow, but most importantly can remotely shut off water from the water monitoring app if a leak is detected. All of your water usage data is still at your fingertips in the app, but with a new element — control — so that’s what we called it, the StreamLabs Control. 


Our History

  • 8 Years Product Development & Refinement
  • 2011 Launched Monitor non-invasive water leak detector
  • 2016 Joined RWC Family of Brands
  • 2019 Launched Control water shut-off valve
  • Today Protecting thousands of homes from costly water damage

Product Development

We spent years working on the ideal solution for remote water flow monitoring – one that would bring data from behind your walls into the palm of your hand. We’ve grown from creating smart water technology that monitors leaks, to developing devices that can actively stop leaks. 

2011 Monitor Launch

StreamLabs launched the non-invasive water monitor in 2011 and revolutionized the residential and commercial water systems industry. Our flagship product, the StreamLabs Monitor, helps protect property owners against water damage by tracking water consumption and providing real-time alerts to possible leaks via the water monitoring app.

2016 RWC Acquisition

In 2016, global plumbing sector leader, Reliance Worldwide Corporation®, added the revolutionary technology of StreamLabs to its portfolio. The company brought expertise in the plumbing sector, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management. 

2019 Control Launch

RWC is a leader when it comes to valve technology and reliability, so it wasn’t long after the RWC partnership that StreamLabs launched the Control, its remote shut off valve, at the International Builders Show (IBS). The StreamLabs Control has all the technology of the StreamLabs Monitor but is installed in-line and is capable of shutting off the water if a leak is detected. Both products can also integrate with other smart home devices, including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

StreamLabs - An RWC Brand

StreamLabs is an RWC® brand, a powerful family of innovative brands that create Solutions to Shape the World™. RWC’s innovation transforms productivity and efficiency for customers in plumbing and heating, water and air, smart home technology and specialist industries around the world.

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