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Putting Pros in Control in the Smart Home Water Sector

Learn what you need to know about the Control and how it can support your plumbing business - from information on installing our remote water shut-off device for your customers to ways we can help send leads your way. The StreamLabs® Control leak detector is a great way to provide a wireless water shut-off valve option for your customers.

Professional plumbers and contractors can now provide the latest in advanced water monitoring and leak detection technology with the StreamLabs Control. Using sound waves to monitor the plumbing system and a free app for real time updates, the StreamLabs Control allows your customers to see what’s happening behind the walls. The StreamLabs team has spent years developing and testing our wireless water shut-off valve to ensure it not only helps homeowners, but also helps PROs take control of their share in the smart home sector.


Get To Know StreamLabs

Get to know StreamLabs by watching testimonials from other pros and homeowners. See how installing the Control smart water shut-off valve can give your customers transparency into their plumbing system.