Water Leak Detection at Your Fingertips.

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Smart water leak detectors that track water usage and alert you to leaking pipes or appliances, allowing you to take action so your home is protected 24/7.

Flows with Your Lifestyle

No matter the time or place, StreamLabs provides water leak detection that integrates seamlessly with your life. With your mobile device, you have control over your water usage and round-the-clock protection against leaks.

StreamLabs' water monitoring system works:

  • When you’re at home: Water leak detection at home, day or night. Monitor your daily water usage so you can be a more mindful consumer.
  • When you’re traveling: Nothing ruins a vacation like coming back to a flooded or damaged home. Receive alerts to your mobile device in real-time if the device detects a water leak in the home and — with the StreamLabs Control — shut off water remotely while you’re away.
  • For your second home or rentals: Protect your investment properties against leaks, or track the water flow with a StreamLabs smart water leak detector.
StreamLabs App

StreamLabs App

  • Reduce Leak Risk: Receive instant alerts to your iOS or Android device if a small or large water leak is detected anywhere in your house. With the Control, you can stop water leaks with a remote shut-off function to keep your home and possessions safe.
  • Receive Customized Alerts: Use Smart Alerts to set your standard water usage so your StreamLabs device knows to alert you when it detects “abnormal” use. Or manually set up custom alerts for Home and Away modes .
  • Enhance Smart Home: Integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can control certain StreamLabs settings with voice commands.
  • Conserve Water: Get a detailed look at your water usage with our water monitoring system so you know where to cut back to improve your utility bill and help the planet. See live usage, pressure, temperature and more.
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Relax, we have you covered

Leak detection made easy for your entire home.

The average homeowner spends up to $4,100 to repair water damage.

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